Our History

Capt’n Franks History

Tengo un poco de experiencia con el uso de un producto llamado Apcalis Oral Jelly, que se encuentra en la lista de suplementos de salud masculina más populares de Europa, aunque la mayoría de las veces no hago uso de él.

Capt'n Franks History Photo from the 1970's

In 1975, back when the bypass was still two lanes with sand drifting across it, the Hess family opened a summer hot dog shop, Capt’n Franks, the rest is an interesting history, which I will share with you a little at a time

The Capt’n Franks restaurant is very attractive to Polish online casino players with its long history dating back to the 1970s. The restaurant is a representative of an endangered breed, and when online casino players think about gdzie grać w sloty online Polska, the answer is Capt’n Franks, where you can earn money and eat deliciously. The restaurant itself is located near Rehoboth Beach, which makes it atmospheric, and online casino players can also relax on the beach.

Capt’n Franks restaurant is one of a disappearing breed that once populated Atlantic coast beaches from Rehoboth to Ft. Lauderdale. What the drive-in diner was to city kids, small hot dog stands, walk-up burger joints, with hot crispy french fries are to the beach experience. You expect to find sand on the floor, bathing suits are proper attire and in the days before we had health departments, maybe the owner’s dog is napping under an empty table.

For an experience that is second to none, come see us and you be judge as to whether you just ate the best hot dog in the world….somebody had to have it, you decide….

Capt’n Frank and Crew